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Priory Explorers

Priory Explorers Childcare that is individually tailored

Our day nursery in Wednesbury is contained within the Priory Family Centre building. The nursery, which sits beside the local Children's Centre and primary school, has ample parking and nursery drop-off bays. The building has doors which are security fobbed to prevent unauthorized access to the setting. The building is accessible to all with wide doorways for wheelchair access, disabled toilets and no steps or stairs. 

The nursery has two main learning areas for babies aged 0-2 years and children 2-5 years old. We are open 7:30am till 6pm every week day and are only closed for statutory bank holidays. As well as full day care, we offer half day sessions too. 

When you arrive for a viewing be sure to take a look at our huge outdoor play area, its where most of the children like to spend their time! It's been specifically designed to offer natural play with hills and tunnels, and even has a water pump allowing everyone to get messy making rivers and dams! We use the outdoor play area as a means of stretching children's imagination and encouraging physical development with natural equipment and different textures such as sand, grass, plants, trees and water. 

Our 0-2 room is registered for 15 children. It has its own kitchen, changing facilities and outdoor space. There's a special area for non mobile children and a 'mini loft' with slides, steps and a tunnel to encourage physical development. 

The 0-2 resources cover all areas of development and children have the opportunity of accessing a variety of toys throughout their day such as creative and crafts, sand and water play, and imaginative play equipment. We also have reading and cosy areas, and the ceiling in our sleep area has twinkly lights. 

Our 2-5 room is registered for forty children. The room is split to cover all areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. We're well stocked with resources, so we are able to meet even the most imaginative child's needs!

Our environment and routine is designed to develop independence. All resources are accessible to children, and at lunch times children choose their own meal, help to clear away after lunch and brush their teeth and wash their faces. Fresh drinking water is available throughout the day and children have a daily choice of fruit or a healthy snack.