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Learning & Development

Children thrive from a caring and secure relationship and this is why every child in our nursery is allocated their own ‘key worker’. A key worker is a named member of staff who works to organise learning activities, plan for children’s individual interests and work closely with you their parent or carer. We encourage parents to update their child’s key worker with significant events or development milestones so we can celebrate them together. 

We offer regular ‘parents evenings’ where you can see your children’s written learning journal, our observations and your child’s developmental achievements. We believe that every child deserves the best possible start in life and our staff will always be on hand to help support you and your child. 
Early years providers use a special curriculum for all children under the age of 5. This is called the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The EYFS sets out the standards for Early Years providers to make sure children are able to learn and develop properly, and that they will be kept safe from harm. 
The EYFS has 7 key areas of Learning and Development around which activities should be based: 
  • Communication and language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Literacy
  • Maths
  • Expressive art and design
  • Understanding the World 
At our nurseries we believe play is crucial to your child’s learning. Play helps children build their confidence as they learn to explore, to think about problems and to relate to others. Our staff will provide age appropriate, stimulating environments to encourage children's curiosity, learning, and development. 
Below are some of the ways that we deliver the EYFS curriculum: 
Messy play  - Most children enjoy getting messy and we encourage this by ensuring we provide resources such as sand and water play where children can explore and discover.
Imaginative opportunities – Imagination is at the heart of everything we do for the children in our care. We offer rooms stocked full of role play activities, dressing up costumes (the superhero costumes always seem to be a favourite).
Creative – At our settings we want children to have free access to all art materials whenever they want, so we have art stations where children can pick if they want to paint, colour, cut, stick, or draw.
Physical – We pride ourselves on our outdoor play spaces. The children love spending time outdoors, no matter the weather, using play to develop gross and fine motor skills and socialise.
ICT – the children have daily access to interactive white boards, computers, iPads and cameras. We want children to be able to use different media and encourage the use of technology while they play.