The Family Nursery Company
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About Us

The Family Nursery Company is a childcare provider with two nurseries that offer amazing opportunities for children to learn and grow in a safe supportive environment.

The Family Nursery Company is based in Sandwell and run by husband and wife team Matt & Sally Lee. Matt has worked in Sandwell for over 13 years leading a number of Children’s Centres. Sally has 17 years of childcare experience in both the public and private sector and spent many years as an Early Years Manager responsible for a team of Children’s Centre Early Years Workers. 

The Family Nursery Company’s first nursery, now called Priory Explorers, opened in 2011 when the former PCT/NHS nursery closed. Matt was keen to see a nursery stay open on the site, even though at the time it was losing money. 

“It was a scary decision to switch from being a customer to an owner, but my youngest son had been attending the nursery for over two years and our daughter had recently joined, so we were really passionate to make sure that the nursery could stay open if we could. I’m glad we did. The nursery has continued to grow, we’ve added a second nursery and still employ a number of our original staff.’

                                                Matt Lee  

In 2013 we opened our second nursery in Tipton, now called Tipton Explorers. 

“At The Family Nursery Company, we have exacting standards for our nurseries. We’re not interested in any buildings that don’t have large outdoor play spaces, and inside the room’s have to be big enough to allow us to deliver a full range of learning and play opportunities. Tipton offered those things in abundance so we decided to make it our second nursery.’